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Learn To Fly 3

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learn-to-fly-3Learn To Fly 3 is finally here. I am not kidding and we are not trying to cheat you like most of the websites. The official full version of the Learn To Fly 3 is now available for our dear users for free. I was thinking why the developers of the game don’t make a new version for so long time, but trust me, when you play the Learn To Fly 3 you will understand. The game is so cute and has so many options, that it took me a few hours to find out about all of them. So let’s start. At the beginning of the Learn To Fly 3, if you don’t click the Skip button you will see the Penguin NASA. The penguins are working together to make a first flight to the moon. Even though it’s known that penguins can’t fly, this game breaks the stereotype. One of the penguin decided to make a try and build his own rocket using simple materials like trash can and and coil launcher. The rest you should find out on your own.


LearnToFly3UpdatesHow to earn money in Learn To Fly 3?
Every day, you make a try to fly higher. According to the Attitude Reached,Air Time and Max Speed you will be given some money.Use those money wisely to buy upgrades. The whole upgrades of your "spaceship" are divided into 4 major categories.
[Body] - upgrade this one to make the body of your spaceship lighter and stronger.
[Launcher] - this one is very important because it makes your launch in space. Upgrade it to gain more speed at take off.
[Stages] - like any rockets, you have to upgrade the stages of the rocket to make it's power stronger.
[Booster] - use different boosters, like rockets or wings to fly higher.

Bonus Shop Items Upgrade

[Boost Income] - Increases the money earned for each day.
[Money Interest] -Earn Interest On Money left at start of the new day.
[Premium Spring] - Increase the power of launchers
[TurboCompressor] - Increase the thrust of stages.
[Improved Fuel] - Make the stages last longer.
[Fuel Compression] - Pack more fuel in the same boost.
[Aerodynamics] - Reduce the effect of air drag.
[Counter Wings] - Fans will reduce the effect of wind.
[Secret Ingredient] - Increase stage and boost power for a limited time after takeoff.
[Traffic Control] - Reduce the number of obstacles above flying zone.
[The Golden Wrench] - Upgrade bodies and launchers beyond their regular max level.
[The Golden Hammer] - Upgrade stages beyond their regular max level.
[The Golden Pliers] - Upgrade Boost beyond their regular max level.
[The Golden Scope] - Upgrade Bonus Items beyond their regular max level.
[My Lil Black Hole] - Reduce the gravity on earth
[Fidelity Card] - For every day passing by, you will be rewarded with Bonus Points.
[VCR] - Use this to replay cutscenes in full low-definition glory.

Custumuzation is not unlocked at the beginning of the game. You will unlock it after Day 10. In this section you can change the look of your penguin, including the body,hat,face and many other options.

During the game you will unlock the music section in Learn To Fly 3. Here you can choose what music to play during the game. The list of music is not large but anyway it's a nice feature for those who don't like same music all the time. Of course, changing music will cost you some coins.